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Life Cycle Growth Partnership

with our clients

We differentiate ourselves from other financial service companies in that we act as a total business solution provider for our customers. While providing quality investment banking and advisory services, we also dispatch high-caliber ex-GE Six Sigma Black Belts to help with the customer’s growth as a part of our service packages. We have always held the belief that we can only grow when our customers grow, thus we actively participate and accompany our clients in achieving their dreams and generate profit. 


With decades of experience in providing business solutions in a wide range of industries, our consulting staff guides our clients towards growth at any stages of business. Our staff have accumulated a working methodology to approach the recurring themes that occur in in most businesses. 


Dreaming Session

Guiding your business towards solid goals


Untapping the great ideas inside your people's minds

Acquisition Integration

A process designed to ensure the smooth integration of acquisitions

Operation Rhythm

The rhythm of reviews and measurements are fundamental to future planning

Six Sigma

Highly disciplined approach to quality improvement

Change Facilitation Function

Making change happen without frustration

Sales Force Effectiveness

How to make your business hum with a fully effective sales force

Voice of the Customer

Listening to your customers to perfectly cater to their needs

Sourcing & Procurement

How to make most of potential business efficiencies


Overseas expansion demands sophisticated financial management

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