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Seasoned professional team

Focused on helping global investors generate high investment returns through sustainable investment platforms as well as providing strategic advisory services to some of the leading enterprises in Asia

Mergers & Acquisitions

Provides quality advisory and investment banking services for emerging growth companies and entrepreneurs

Investment Banking

Every team member brings over several decades of experience in Financial and Investment Banking

Our partners and principals combine traditional financing expertise, such as in taxation and accounting, with investment banking, legal, and economic. analytical skills

"Partner of choice providing more than Capital"

North Head Capital Partners (“NHCP”) is an international investment banking and private equity fund management firm, providing strategic and innovative solution to meet clients’ fundraising, investment, growth, turnaround, and corporate development needs throughout their life cycles and helping institutional investors make investments in private equity across Asia.  


NHCP is headquartered in Hong Kong and currently operates in China, Singapore, Korea, Japan and Indonesia.

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